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Laughing from the heart.

"I have that weird, hopefully healthy, outlook of “I’m just going to assume this will turn out negative,” until it turns out positive. I don’t mean I’m like a dark cloud. Just you know, you see a movie I’m in and you say, “Dude, it was really good”, and my first question will be like, looking at you a little funny, like, “Really?” I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s being from Boston or whatever but it’s just so hard to be like, “Nailed it!”"

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"Adam Scott is an unlikely romantic lead. He is slight in stature, with a mop of puffy brown hair that always seems to have a runaway cowlick and a sardonic sneer that he uses to convey a comedic level of disbelief."

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Jorma Taccone & Adam Scott - 12/25/2013

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Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key photographed by Smallz + Raskind for The Hollywood Reporter.

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Were going to space!

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Most likely, the peak of my comedy career…

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so instead of writing a sketch we’re gonna recreate her video for “call your girlfriend”. x

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